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Aerospace/navigation/military industry

Aerospace is a very important industry in people's modern lives. It is not only an important means of transportation, 

but also an important and indispensable equipment for exploring outer space. Sensors also play a significant role in aerospace, 

and the functions of each type of sensor in aerospace are also different. To achieve flight control of an aircraft, 

the first thing to solve is how to accurately measure various flight parameters of the aircraft, such as attitude angle, 

angle of attack, angular rate, overload, flight altitude and velocity, oil level monitoring, etc. Therefore, 

various sensitive components have emerged, such as gyroscopes, angle of attack sensors, acceleration sensors, altitude sensors, 

oil level sensors, displacement and force sensors, etc. Longlv has developed pressure, temperature, 

and oil level sensors based on the unique characteristics of the industry, which have been recognized by many well-known 

units in the industry for their ultra-high precision, sensitivity, and stability.


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