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Originality manufacturing and keep improving

  • Pressure sensor

    Pressure sensors are a commonly used type of sensor in industrial practice, widely used in various industrial self-control environments, involving water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production self-control, aerospace......

  • Weighing sensor

    A weighing sensor is actually a device that converts a quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. When using sensors, the actual working environment in which the sensor is located should be considered first, which is crucial for the correct selection of weighing sensors.

  • Torque sensor

    Torque sensors, also known as torque sensors, torque sensors, torque sensors, and torque meters, are divided into two categories: dynamic and static. Torque sensors can be applied in the manufacturing of viscometers and electric (pneumatic, hydraulic) torque wrenches.

  • Temperature sensor

    A temperature sensor refers to a sensor that can sense temperature and convert it into a usable output signal. Temperature sensors are the core part of temperature measuring instruments, with a wide variety of types. According to measurement methods......

  • Pressure gauge

    Digital pressure gauge, also known as digital pressure gauge, is a high-precision pressure gauge that integrates pressure measurement and display. It has the characteristics of anti vibration, high display accuracy, high stability, can be reset, and automatic standby.

  • Flow measurement

    A flowmeter is an instrument used to measure fluid flow in pipelines or open channels. Flowmeters are further divided into differential pressure flow meters, rotary flow meters, throttling flow meters, slit flow meters, volumetric flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, etc.

  • Intelligent digital display meter

    Intelligent control instruments are designed for the power monitoring needs of power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, and intelligent buildings. Power instruments can directly replace conventional power transmitters and measuring instruments.

  • Amplifier junction box

    An amplifier is a type of sensor that is equipped with a small signal precision amplification circuit. The circuit is elegant, with constant current supply bridge, voltage and current conversion, impedance adaptation, linear compensation, temperature compensation, etc. It converts mechanical quantities into standard current



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