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WCL-106 weighing controller

The WCL-106 weighing controller adopts a four wire wiring method, OLED display, display range: -999999~999999, fixed screw protection, long service life, simple operation, safe, convenient and easy to operate.

  • Introduction

    The WCL-106 weighing controller adopts a four wire wiring method, OLED display, display range: -999999~999999, fixed screw protection, long service life, simple operation, safe, convenient and easy to operate.

  • Structure and dimensions


  • Parameter
    supply voltage    13-17VAC 50/60Hz;18-32VDC
    consumed power    Typical value: 0.72W (with a 350 Ω sensor)
    ambient humidity    35~85%RH,with no condensation
    installation site    Indoor, with a height of <2,000 m
    display    0.96-inch OLED blue display with 12864 resolution Display range of measurements-999999~999999
    power supply
        DC 5V±2%,100mA(MAX)
    input impedence    >10MΩ
    conversion mode    Sigma-Selta
    and control speed
        13 / s, 110,220,440,880,1760 (via parameter setting)
    nolinear    ±0.05%FS(observe and control 13bps)
    gain drift   <10ppm/℃
    input signal    Proportion measurement, connected with a 4-wire system strain sensor
    contact input   1 external switch input that can be used for reset

  • Process
    Retail: Contact customer service - Consult product parameters-Confirm product model-Payment-Logistics shipment-Sign for delivery
    Key customers: Contact customer service-Consult industry solutions-Confirm product model parameters-Sign relevant technical contracts-Payment-Logistics shipment-Sign for receipt

  • After-sales

    1. LONGLV provides customers with installation and debugging services, as well as other technical consultations. If necessary, technical personnel can provide on-site technical training. If the customer has any technical questions, the technical personnel will provide a response within 4 hours.
    2. LONGLV products are strictly designed and produced in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system, with a 1-year warranty for sensor products and a 3-year warranty for instrument products, with a 7-day return and exchange policy and lifelong maintenance.
    (Human damage is not covered by the warranty, and customized products without quality issues are not returned or replaced.)
    3. For returns and exchanges caused by quality issues, Longlv will bear the return and exchange shipping costs. The cost of returns andexchanges for non quality issues will be borne by the customer.
    Note: Quality issues refer to customized parameters such as function, size, specifications, and installation method that are not customized according to customer requirements, do not meet functional requirements, have dimensional errors, and have inaccurate accuracy (excluding within the error range).
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    If an objection is raised within the deadline and it is confirmed by both parties that it is a product quality issue or production has not been carried out according to the requirements confirmed by both parties, it can be exchanged or refunded. If there are no quality issues and the shipping model andthe contract signed model are complete and correct, no return or exchange service will be provided.
    4. The products returned for repair will have a test result issued within 3 working days and the repair will be completed within 7 working days.
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